High performance cost-effective
construction system

TECCON® - Advanced Light Steel Framing system

TECCON® is a new construction system, using a metal structure made up of units that are designed and factory-manufactured in advance.

TECCON® is a structural system based on light gauge steel framing for single-family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, schools and other service buildings (residences,hospitals, etc.).

TECCON® is a system that uses kits made up a combination of exterior wall, interior wall and floor/ceiling units that are prefabricated as separate sections. They arrive on site preassembled, and both the European Technical Codes and applicable European legislation are strictly observed.

TECCON® System is patented and is unique in the market because of its performance in terms of being self-supporting, the extent to which it is prefabricated, its speed of onsite assembly and its high quality standards.

TECCON® System is an industrial product, which may be sold in any international market.

TECCON® is not just a product: it offers continuous, high-level technical support and advice to the sector’s professionals.